The Role of Renewable Energy in Achieving Sustainable Development

6 roles of renewable energy in achieving sustainable development

First let’s break things down :

What is “Renewable energy” : energy that is derived from natural sources that can be replenished over time

Why is it better for earth ? : fossil fuels (energy we are actually using) are finite and non-renewable, renewable energy produce little to no greenhouse gas emissions and have minimal impact on the environment.

What is sustainable development ? : a development approach that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

sustainable development seeks to create a better future for all by promoting development that is socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable.

What is the link between renewable energy and sustainable development ? : Renewable energy is closely linked to sustainable development, as it is a critical component of a sustainable future such as : Environmental sustainability, Social sustainability, Economic sustainability, Sustainable cities

So what is the role of renewable energy in achieving sustainable development then ?

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Improving air quality

Promoting energy security

Creating jobs and economic growth

Improving access to energy

Supporting sustainable cities

Let explain it in more easy words

  Greenhouse gas emissions: These are gases that trap heat in the earth’s atmosphere and can cause the planet to get too hot. We need to reduce these gases so the earth doesn’t get too hot and cause problems like bad weather.

  Air quality: This is about how clean the air we breathe is. We need to improve air quality so we can breathe in healthy air and not get sick.

  Energy security: This is about making sure we have enough energy to power our homes, schools, and hospitals. We need to find ways to make sure we have enough energy without running out.

  Jobs and economic growth: This is about creating jobs and making sure our economy grows so we can buy the things we need and want.

  Access to energy: This is about making sure everyone has access to energy to power their homes and schools. This can help people live healthier and happier lives.

  Sustainable cities: This is about making our cities clean and healthy places to live. We can do this by using clean energy sources and building green spaces.

You may ask yourself “at my level what can i do ?” well awake awareness by just sharing and see you in the next post for more practical advices !

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