Circular Economy: Basic Principles that You Need to Know!

Basic Principles and Characteristics of the Circular Economy Today, sustainability problems in many fields have brought along a change in understanding from linear economy to Circular Economy. Effort...

7 days ago
Circular Economy and Zero Waste Approach

The circular economy approach, which is considered as a production model that will enable sustainable development to achieve its goals, is expressed as the recycling of waste materials to the economy...

1 week ago
Environmental Protection and Economic Development in Sustainable Development

We will talk about some suggestions on how sustainable development and economic growth can be carried out together. Many contributions have been made to the literature on the coexistence and oppositi...

2 weeks ago
CirculaWASTE training in Brussels

We did CirculaWASTE training for in Brussels, Belgium. CirculaWASTE is a project funded by the Erasmus+ which focuses on the knowledge and skills development and use of innovative approaches and tool...

2 weeks ago
2nd Transnational Project Meeting of OMNIA

  OMNIA or KnOwledge andSkills DevelopMent on InNovative Green Entrepreneurship Models for NEETs to Build CirculAr Economy Project is a project funded by Erasmus+ which focus in the circular eco...

7 months ago

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