Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development :

Renewable energy for sustainable development : What YOU can do to contribute TODAY

Last time we make a jump in age and talk to 8years olds child in us

Today we are back to talk to the you of today and propose 15 actions actionnable to improve the overall life of the planet

Disclaimer : Don’t neglect the power of an action, every little action have a big impact, don’t pullback and say “i can’t save the world alone, what is my actions going too do; The same as we bring our planet to this state by saying “it is just one time” but repeated by millions of people, we can correct it by doing this time the right actions and affirming “it will start by me” and granting awareness to millions of people. End of the disclaimer”

Out of the 6 roles discussed the last time, here are actions for each of the roles

For Reducing greenhouse gas emissions: 1. Control your usage of energy (Control your usage of energy” by suggesting things like turning off lights and electronics when not in use, and setting your thermostat to an energy-efficient temperature.), 2. drive less, 3. reduce meat consumption, 5. use solar panels


  • For Improving air quality : 5, Walk and bike more, 6 use non-toxic cleaning products


  • For Promoting energy security : 7. Support the development of renewable energy sources, 8. reduce your energy consumption


  • For Creating jobs and economic growth : 9. Buy locally-made products, 10. support small businesses,


  • For Improving access to energy : 11. support programs that provide energy assistance to low-income households, 12. support renewable energy development in rural areas.


  • For Supporting sustainable cities : 13. support urban green spaces, 14. support energy-efficient buildings, 15. use public transport more oftenA slight change of lifestyle can have a bigger impact than you think, your actions matters more, our planet deserve more that what we are giving him, don’t you agree ?