Environmental Protection and Economic Development in Sustainable Development

We will talk about some suggestions on how sustainable development and economic growth can be carried out together.

Many contributions have been made to the literature on the coexistence and opposition of environmental protection and economic development in ensuring sustainable development. In the light of these evaluations, we will talk about some suggestions on how sustainable development and economic activities can be carried out together. If we highlight them as items;

1- A New Education System Should be Established in Which Environmental Awareness Can be Given.

As it is known, there are structural differences between economic development and growth. One of these differences is the level of social structure, which is one of the determinants of development. Education is the most important factor in strengthening the social structure. Society consists of both producing and consuming individuals. As a producer or consumer, an individual is sensitive to the environment in terms of the quality of education he receives. For this reason, environmental awareness should be given to individuals at every stage starting from primary education through education. At this point, especially the developing and underdeveloped countries in our country.

In countries, it is necessary to establish an education system in which environmental awareness can be given absolutely.

2- New Production and Consumption Technologies that are Less Harmful to the Environment Should be Developed and Expanded.

With the advancement of science, technological developments have also gained speed. In this way, orientation towards the development and use of new production technologies aimed at environmental protection will be achieved. Especially with post-consumption technologies that enable the recycling of waste, new markets can be created. Simultaneously with the realization of the education system presented in the first article, individuals will spontaneously change their production and consumption patterns and direct their preferences towards the products produced with these technologies and their consumption.

3- Underdeveloped/Developing Countries Should be Supported for Sustainable Development.

Even though it has a financial content, our world has a fragile structure brought about by globalization, as seen in the Last Asian Crisis. For this reason, environmental damages affect all living things without borders. Sometimes this effect is so great that nature has almost lost its ability to absorb these damages.

Developments such as the destruction of the Brazilian rainforest, the increase in global warming with the greenhouse effect and the diversification of diseases, the melting of the ice at the poles, the increase in radioactive emission as a result of nuclear tests and productions support our argument. At this point, environmental threats and damages based on this country should be minimized with the support for AG and Developing Countries.

4- Countries Should Act Jointly in the International Arena.

Actually, some criticism is necessary at this point. Country representatives held conferences in Stockholm, Rio and Kyoto to ensure sustainable development. Of course, these collaborations are important steps in achieving the goal. However, it is a fact that the decisions and joint action plans taken at the end of each meeting and conference could not be fully operationalized. Unfortunately, global indifference has shown itself here as well. Decisions made in the international platform should not be advisory, on the contrary, they should be deterrent, have high sanction power and become universal.

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